TOY SALE INTAKE is ongoing through November 28th.

We accept donations during regular store hours Monday-Saturday, 10-4. Please note that we do not have an exterior drop-off location. We are staffed primarily by volunteers with varying degrees of physical ability; please bring your donations inside or ask a volunteer to assist you in bringing your donation in from your vehicle. If you plan to bring a particularly large donation, we would appreciate it if you would call ahead to let us know: (434) 973-2271

Seasonal Needs:

  • Outerwear, sweaters, and jackets for all ages

  • Snowsuits

  • New and like-new toys

  • Beanies, gloves, boots, and other cold weather accessories

What We Accept:

  • Gently worn Clothing for all ages

    • Outerwear, Sweaters, Jackets

    • Tops, Blouses, Button Downs

    • Pants, Denim, Skirts

    • Formal Wear, Dresses, Two-Piece Suits

    • Socks, Hosiery, Ties

    • Swimwear

  • Toys in gently used condition with working parts

  • Complete Puzzles and Board Games

  • Books - nonfiction, fiction, contemporary or collectible cookbooks

  • Gently used Shoes

  • Athletic Wear

  • Sports Equipment

  • Decorative Housewares

  • Glassware

  • Kitchen Utensils and Tools

  • Small Household Appliances in working order

  • Small furniture (end tables, stools, storage bins)

  • Household Linens (free of stains and tears)

  • Contemporary Baby Equipment (less than 5 years old)

  • Accessories (jewelry, purses, scarves, etc.)

  • CDs, DVDs, and Records in working order

  • Plastic grocery bags, reusable totes, or paper bags from a smoke free home (to be used for shop transactions)

What We Cannot Accept:

  • Pillows, cushions, or crib bumpers/padded liners

  • Used Underwear

  • Large Furniture

  • Old Suitcases (without wheels)

  • Box Televisions

  • Printers

  • Torn, stained, or ripped Clothing and Linens (please note whether elastic has lost its stretch, as well)

  • Broken or incomplete Toys, Games, or Puzzles

  • Large and/or broken Appliances and Electronics

  • Magazines

  • User manuals without corresponding equipment

  • Empty DVD and VHS tape containers and/or empty boxes

  • Anything with explicit content

  • Household items and clothes with dry-rot or significant mildew/mold

  • Car seats and baby equipment manufactured more than 5 years ago

  • VHS tapes

  • Bike helmets (unless new and still in box)

Please make sure all items are in working order before donating. If you would be unlikely to purchase the item on the secondhand market yourself, it is highly likely we will be unable to sell it. You may wish to consult AMVETS (800-272-VETS) for some broken or worn items. They do weekly home pickups. 

We ask that you please be mindful of these specifications, as it can be difficult for us to dispose of items we cannot accept. 

If you are unsure if we accept an item you'd like to donate, please do not hesitate to call 434-973-2271 during our regular business hours.

Thank you for your generosity. Your donations are vital to our mission.

Special thanks to Valley Office Machines for your donation of a register and copy machine for use at the thrift shop.